About Us

Cogito Hive is a community of experienced technology professionals that share knowledge and ideas around Microsoft 365 and the modern workplace. We operate as a network of independent consultants founded on mutual trust, respect and collaboration, with a goal to deliver meaningful and impactful solutions in Microsoft 365 that draw on the best practices of the community.

  • Humble Beginnings

    In the early 2010’s, Cogito Hive partners Andrew Chomik, Chris McKellar and Conn Campbell spent years consulting with some of Calgary’s biggest organizations, and were key resources on some of the largest portal and collaboration projects in the community. These years were critical for building their skillsets in business analysis, client engagement, collaboration technology competencies, information architecture, data management, training strategies and change management programs.

    In 2016, all three partners ventured into independent contracting, but continued to work together performing senior consulting activities on SharePoint and Office 365 projects, including some of the province’s largest SharePoint content migration projects. As the Microsoft 365 stack continued to grow in function and scale, Cogito Hive partners were able to deliver the stack to provide integrated solutions in document management, information architecture, permission security, business workflows, and custom-designed experiences.

  • A New Reality

    With a changing economy and the uncertainty created by recent events in the business sector, the need to retain and strengthen talent networks and share good ideas, products and services becomes more important than ever.

    Good teams with proven teamwork and mutual trust are always core to success in organizations. Cogito Hive is a new kind of community that keeps independent talent working together, thinking together and always focusing on clients getting the best solutions from a shared pool of knowledge and experience.

  • What are the Advantages?

    As independent contractors, our rates are often significantly less than the big-box competitors and can often deliver projects with less bloat and more flexibility. Their billable rate models usually involve premium hourly pricing to pay for things like staff salaries, office space, company assets and equipment, maintenance of intellectual property, and other overhead. As a result your organization may end up paying premium pricing for less experienced resources to cover these kinds of costs –  often at far more than the price of a senior independent contractor.

    This community model allows us to work with organizations of all types and sizes. Whether you’re a small shop getting your feet wet with Microsoft 365 or a large corporation looking to scale your data and collaboration solutions, we can help.

Cogito Hive members are available for hire as individuals or together as a team for your Microsoft 365 needs. Feel free to reach out to us anytime.